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A Project Of The Princess Alia Foundation And Four Paws

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is located between three continents, giving Jordan a rich biodiversity. Moreover, the location makes Jordan a hot transit area for transporting wildlife both legally and illegally between sources and markets. Jordan has enacted much legislation in order to protect wildlife, and became signatories to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) works to promote the balance, harmony and respect for all creation, through bringing stakeholders together under one banner, creating a functional and effective working group using a holistic approach to tackle the tasks ahead.The foundation draws upon the knowledge and expertise of the partners in order to implement sustainable change, establishing Jordan as a leader and role model in the field. PAF works towards ensuring the respect and balance of nature, using a holistic and humane approach.

Four Paws (FP) is an international animal welfare organization founded in 1988 in Vienna. Since then animal welfare projects have been developed and carried out all over the world, always supported by scientific establishments and experts in the respective areas. Currently VIER PFOTEN operates offices in 10 countries world-wide and has 200 employees. In the countries that we carry out animal welfare projects, we are careful to follow existing rules and regulations. The vision of VIER PFOTEN is a world without animal suffering. The organization is politically and financially independent and funds their work exclusively with donations. Besides emergency aid, campaigns, policy and stray projects, VIER PFOTEN focuses on the protection and welfare of endangered wildlife. In Europe VIER PFOTEN successfully runs 3 bear sanctuaries and with an ongoing demand of facilities for big cats that ensures living conditions appropriate to the species the plan for building LIONSROCK, a sanctuary for big cats in need was born.

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