Tash and Sky

Rescued in 2013, Tash and Sky, the Bengal Tiger siblings, were confiscated at the Jordanian-Saudi Arabian border. At only three months old, it was attempted to illegally trade them in a small cat carrier, covered in faeces and urine in the boot of a car.

Although they were highly stressed, they quickly began to trust the Al Ma’wa team and have grown to become magnificent animals. They are both strongly motivated by food and enjoy swimming in their pool and playing with the water in their water trough. Whilst Sky is sociable and will walk up to the fence to greet visitors and the animal keepers, Tash likes to supervise from the background. Tash likes the scent of ginger, whilst Sky, the female, likes the smell of perfume on her enrichment!

Tash’s Personality:


      • Aggressive
      • Will allow Sky to approach first, likes to wait in the background
      • Motivated by food
      • Likes to carry a wheel around
      • Likes the scent of ginger
      • Does not like to sleep or be locked in the nightroom

Tash and Sky are two beautiful Bengal Tigers

Sky’s Personality:


  • Very social and approaches people first
  • Motivated by food
  • Likes to swim or sit in her water trough
  • Likes to sleep in the nightroom
  • Likes the scent of perfume on her enrichment
  • Likes all form of enrichment (wheels, barrels, cardboard)
  • Likes to walk the fence line in the morning with the keepers

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