A Project Of The Princess Alia Foundation And Four Paws The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is located between three continents, giving Jordan a rich biodiversity. Moreover, the location makes Jordan a hot transit area for transporting wildlife both legally and illegally between sources and markets. Jordan has enacted much legislation in order to protect wildlife, and became signatories to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Through a partnership between the Princess Alia Foundation and Four Paws in 2011, Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife was established in order to provide a regional solution for rescued wildlife. There are two entities under this project, namely the New Hope Centre, located in Amman, and the Al Ma'wa Wildlife Reserve, in Jerash. The New Hope Centre serves as the main veterinary clinic, quarantine and rehabilitation facility for all confiscated and rescued wildlife. Animals admitted to the New Hope Centre receive immediate medical care and undergo the rehabilitation programme. Where animals who cannot be sent to their country of origin or released into the wild, they find a permanent home in Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife, which is a space of 70 hectares. Species-specific enclosure ensure the animals have enough space and appropriate conditions which best suit their natural needs.