Hamzeh’s Pride

Sama and Luna are sisters who were confiscated at the age of 4 months in 2011 by official bodies from private ownership in Jordan.

They can often be heard roaring due to their very loud roars. Sama is known to be grumpy in the morning but Luna brings out her best side!

Although Luna started showing neurological problems secondary to nutritional deficiencies shortly after her arrival to Al Ma’wa, she was a very playful and funny cub, She has continued to receive proper nutritional care and has made improvements. Both lionesses can often be observed enjoying laying in the sunshine.

Through a careful and patient integration process, Sama and Luna were slowly introduced to Hamzeh, a lion rescued in 2017 by Four Paws from Magic World Zoo, located outside of Aleppo, Syria. The rest of the lions rescued from this mission have formed a pride of their own (you can read their story here!) Hamzeh’s pride is now very comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company!

Hamzeh’s Personality:


  • Aggressive male
  • Motivated by food and easy to move
  • Likes all forms of enrichment
  • Likes to tear cardboard into small pieces
    Hamzeh’s Pride are beautiful African Lions

    Luna’s Personality: 


    • Calm lioness
    • Very loud roar
    • Easy to move with chicken
    • Likes to lay in the sunshine
    • Is dominated by her sister Sama
    • Likes a barrel and cardboard for enrichment

      Sama’s Personality:


      • Angry and aggressive lioness
      • Very loud roar
      • Likes to lie in the sunshine
      • Is dominant over her sister Luna
      • Likes a barrel and cardboard for enrichment

      In August of 2021, Sama passed away due to natural causes. It took some time for
      Hamza and Luna to adjust to Sama’s passing but they are now back to their normal
      behaviours and enjoying their time together.

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