Two Confiscated Lion Cubs

January 3, 2019

These two lion cubs were found being sold online. A major undercover investigation by the environmental police with the assistance of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature was undertaken to confiscate these beautiful animals from the illegal trade. They appear to be in good condition but require specialist care as they grow older. They are currently being kept in the New Hope Centre, our rehabilitation centre, and are under close supervision of our veterinary team to ensure that they are healthy. It is suspected that these lion cubs are sisters, despite the size difference. The larger lion cub has been named Dohal, in remembrance of the mission’s codename, whilst the younger cub has been named Layla. It appears that Dohal had been suckling on Layla’s ear as a form of comfort-seeking, which provides an idea of the stress these cubs were under. Although Layla’s ear is partly deformed, we have been monitoring this behaviour to ensure that it ceases to allow for her ear to fully recover. We will be providing regular updates on these beautiful cubs!

We would like to extend our huge gratitude towards the environmental police and all of those involved to confiscate these lion cubs and ensure they have a brighter future!

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