Sukkar And Loz

Sukkar and Loz were brought to Al Ma'wa by Four Paws after being rescued from Magic World Zoo outside of Aleppo, Syria in 2017. These Asian Black Bears are both approximately 8 years of age and required extensive dental work upon arrival.

Whilst Sukkar enjoys to sleep in and stay warm on cold mornings, Loz is an early riser who enjoys to play in his pool and water trough. Loz is very social and enjoys greeting everyone who comes to visit him. Both bears will eat almost anything including banana peels and watermelon rinds but do not like cauliflower or zuchinni! They can often be seen enjoying taking a nap in the sunshine.

Update : June 2019

After a long process of introducing Sukkar and Loz to each other, they have both been successfully integrated so they can now enjoy playing and interacting with one another. They have a great relationship with each other, and clearly enjoy each other's company!