Hamzeh's Pride

Hamzeh, Kahrba, Dana and Halab

In 2017, Four Paws rescued two lions and two lionesses from Magic World Zoo, located outside of Aleppo, Syria. It is estimated that they were all born in 2010.

Hamzeh is known amongst the animal keepers for having a very loud roar. He enjoys all forms of enrichment and particularly enjoys to tear cardboard into many small pieces!

Kahrba is a calm, happy go luck male who earned his name, which translates to Electricity in Arabic, due to his total disregard for the electrical fencing when he first arrived at his new enclosure in Al Ma'wa. He has grown to respect this fencing and enjoys all forms of enrichment, especially cardboard boxes and rope. He also enjoys watching the animal keepers.

Dana is a calm and intelligent lioness. Shortly after her arrival at Al Ma'wa, knowing that she came to a safe place, she delivered a cub, Hajar, who sadly passed away within 30 days. It is assumed that Hajar was not healthy due to the stressful environment and poor conditions in which Dana was kept prior to her move to Al Ma'wa.

Halab is highly motivated by food and enjoys to play in water. She is often observed standing in the water trough and paddling the water out!

Due to the total lack of background information on this group of lions, it was unsafe to house them together on arrival to Al Ma'wa as one pride. This is also due to the fact that all lions arrived at Al Ma'wa separately. We are taking our time to study their personalities and interactions to determine if they can be integrated together. They are currently housed adjacent to each other to observe their interactions.