Private Owner Surrender – Hajras is a 2-year old male African Lion who was purchased as a gift from a local Jordanian zoo when he was just a few days old. Due to inter-breeding and his pervious owner’s general lack of knowledge in proper nutrition and care, Hajras has been left with debilitating after-effects. His body is not proportioned properly, as evidenced by his deformed bone structure, leaving his tongue to stick out, causing difficulty whilst eating. His forelimbs and vertebral column are deformed, which can be a source of pain for him. He was castrated and declawed by his previous owner, and due to this he will never grow a mane. He will never be able to integrate into a pride or have a companion in his enclosure, due to his health issues. Despite this, Hajras has made great progress since being moved to Al Ma'wa in April 2018, and we look forward to seeing how he continues to progress and comes out of his shell!